Deep Cast is an alternative rock, 3 piece original band. They have been established for over 13 years. Deep Cast write all of their lyrics and music from the heart and soul. Their songs are varied in sounds and consist of soft rock to very heavy rock, and even jam into some funk!

Deep Cast was co founded by Sasa Vitanovic (vocals/bass) and Jake Savich (guitar) in 2003. Both Sasa and Jake went to high school together and become friends with their love for music and playing guitars.

They soon started playing together after school and decided to form the band Deep Cast. The journey started by playing at family birthdays and events and then progressed to playing at fundraiser, band competitions, weddings and pubs across Sydney.

In March 2011 radio station The Joshua-Paul Show from Chicargo, USA interviewed Deep Cast live on their show and played Deep Cast songs.

In December 2013 Captain Pat, from radio station 91.3FM, interview Jake who then played his original composition "Blue Heart" live.

In January 2014 Captain Pat from radio station 91.3FM, interviewed Sasa and Jake and they played their song ' For You'.

In February 2014 Deep Cast recorded and released their first single 'For You'. This song was written by Sasa in tribute for his mum, who he lost at a young age.  

Clinton Houston joined the band in spring of 2015 as drummer. He bought the final sound that Deep Cast required to have a full cast band.

Clinton has an array of experince in music and has a passion and love for playing drums.  Clinton worked in the Tollywood and Bollywood industry in India as a recording artist and musician. He then went to London and played in the bands "Before Leaving Earth' and 'Nations Collide'

Deep Cast is now recording their songs, so the whole world can listen and enjoy their music.

When Sasa, Jake and Clinton - the Deep Castiens - are making music, magic happens.

To quote Joshua-Paul Angell on what Deep Cast sound is like: 
"Imagine Pearl Jam meets Creed and has a Messiah baby and you start to get the picture. This band is that good!"

How does it get any better than that? What else is possible? What else can Deep Cast create in changing the world?


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